About Us

When I was growing up, I had an interest in how things grow and how they look. My father grew up farming as a child.  My father would grow his own  organic vegetables in an alley that was once full of weeds three feet high and when the time came that he needed more space we filled in our swimming pool and made it a vegetable garden. He was a city farmer.

I remember always having fresh vegetables on the table at dinner time. Many of our friends would come over to visit and leave with a bounty of fresh produce. They were amazed at what my father could grow. Remember that back then city gardening was not as popular as it is today. Although I was only 13 at the time my father taught me how to grow vegetables on a smaller scale.

The work felt very natural to me. Growing plants and eating what you grew, was fun and fascinating. It seemed that growing my own vegetables and working with plants was my calling at a very early age. I have my father to thank for my interest in gardening and all of the lessons I learned from him, I incorporate into my business today.

My first exposure to landscaping came through my father as well, when he took on landscape projects  as a hobby. He taught me how to prune plants as if they were a work of art, and prune fruit trees to bare the most fruit. When placing plants, he would always tell me to keep it simple. We would reuse and recycle existing materials that are known today as sustainable landscaping. I guess you could say my father was way ahead of his time. I decided to refine the skills my father had taught me over the years and graduated from the University of Washington in Landscape Architecture in 1985.

For over 30 years  LandscapebyDesign has been installing unique and low maintenance residential and commercial projects.
I find it very rewarding to be able to envision a design, install landscape projects and see the impact the final result brings. At the end of the day the client is happy and that makes my day.